Perfect Picture Hanger

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How to Hang and Align Level Adjustable Pictures

The Perfect Picture Hanger works with the most common hardware on the back of picture frames: the saw tooth hanger. It also works with cable and wire mounts. Each Perfect Picture Hanger has approx. ΒΌ inch of vertical adjustment. This adjustment compensates for all of the irregularities in hanging pictures.



Step 1

Install the nail in the wall at a downward angle.



Step 2

Hang the Perfect Picture Hanger (PPH) on the nail at the slot with the S (start) position, and hang the picture in the V groove of the PPH.



Step 3

If the picture needs a vertical adjustment, rotate the PPH counter clockwise to one of the next two slots to move the picture up, or rotate clockwise to move the picture down. Re-hang the picture and you are done.


Perfect Picture Hanger - Patent Protected